Close To The Edge by Yes

6 June 2019

Many fans of the classic progressive rock music may be familiar with the band Yes and Fragile at least. However, I decided to go to more of the obscure and talk about Close To The Edge. This is a three track album lasting for about 40 minutes. Yep, we have some long epics on this one, with the longest one(that being the title track) last for well over 18 minutes. The other two are about ten minutes respectfully making for the grand finale in a sort. I notice that there are also some space themes much like in Dream Theater`s Count Of Tuscany which adds a nice touch. The British masterminds have might as well made a magnum opus, at least for now, but I have yet to check out every album.
While for me there aren’t too many flaws, as I mentioned before, the title track alone is 18 minutes which can be a problem for people who have give second attention spans(no offense) so you may want to be careful with.

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You also really can’t go without listening to all of the stuff from this album(but that’s more of a compliment because it means that they can glue you in).
All in all, I see nothing too bad about this album, its fun, catchy at times, and can easily make for Yes` magnum opus. But alas, we have yet to see everything. I must give it an 8/10. This is the Grim Reaper, signing off.

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