Closed Captioned TV

4 April 2015
History, service for deaf, legislation, costs, technology, entertainment & education.

Closed Captioned Television
There are approximately 24 million hearing impaired individuals in the United States (Elliott D16). Before July of 1993, these people did not have equal access to the entertainment industry or to the Public Broadcasting System. Closed captioning involves putting the spoken portions of a television program or movie into words printed on the screen; this is similar to the printed subtitles on foreign movies (Closed-Caption Requirement 2215). Closed captioning of television programs was not mandated by law and the decoders were not readily accessible before 1993. Beginning in the late 1970s, closed captioning was available on a limited number of programs and videos to individuals with decoders (Closed-captioning 93). With the passage of HR4267 on July 12, 1990, and S1974 on August 2, 1990, closed captioning is..

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