Clueless And Emma Essay Research Paper How

Clueless And Emma Essay, Research Paper

How does the transmutation of Austen s Mr.Elton into Heckerling s stress the values and context of each text?

There are basic similarities in the values between the two societies of Clueless and Emma in societal degree, human relationships and image. However, the context is different, because of the times that the texts are based on. Emma by Jane Austen is set in 19th Century England, as opposed to Clueless which is in Beverly Hills USA in the twentieth century. Mr. Elton s position is without low connexions and is acceptable due to his profession. Similarly, Elton in Clueless has a high status- that is determined by his wealth and popularity as opposed to profession. But both realise, that to hold a high societal position and repute is of import. Mr. Elton s values lie in his intelligence, societal accomplishments and position within the society of Highbury. These values are transformed in Clueless, into values such as physical visual aspect, wealth and which determine Elton s position

In the movie Clueless, from the get downing the spectator realises the tone is fast -paced and feverish. Heckerling utilizations techniques such as visuals, careful pick of music and camera shootings to convey this. Clueless moves significantly faster so Emma. The universe of the movie and a few of the character are introduced within the first 15 proceedingss, where it is much longer in the novel. The first vocal we hear is childs in America accompanied by a collage. The vocal Kids in America is loud, fast and conveys a sense of freedom. The wordss represents what Cher s life is about- partying and holding merriment. The collage is made up of fast shootings that are vivacious and full of coloring material. The spectator realises that even leisure in the universe of Clueless is difficult work. The sense of leisure is really different in the fresh Emma. The gait is slow and relaxed doing the universe about inactive. Although we meet a batch of characters that are involved in peculiar professions, Austen ne’er shows these characters really at work or even sing their responsibilities. She besides illustrates this slow paced universe by utilizing different narrative manners such as auctorial invasion, Emma s witting and duologue. Emma s witting frequently gives the reader her point of positions, an penetration to her character and the values of the society. This is besides apparent when Austen uses duologue to demo the values of the society at the clip.

From the beginning we see many similarities in values and personality between the characters Mr Elton and Elton. Mr Elton is the local vicar of Highbury and is hence well-thought-of. He still has some societal status- as he is involved with the Church and is without low connexions but is below the Woodhouses as he is a reverend. In clueless, Elton s position is determined by wealth and popularity. He is the boy of a wealth movie manager and is physically attractive- this gives him a high societal position in Clueless. In this mercenary and superficial society, image, money and physical visual aspect are important values. This is apparent when Cher negotiations about Elton to Tai, and positions him from

afar, she says that Elton is one of the most popular male childs and that they are the lone boys to date.. Already, we see Elton s repute get downing to organize through Cher s position. The stopping point up camera shooting of Elton in

his expensive apparels, while smiling besides gives the spectator an feeling of a privileged life.

The facets that are valued in the society of Highbury are manners, repute and acceptable matrimonies. Austen makes merely the most general comments on visual aspect, but goes into great item on the manners of each of her characters and whether or non it is proper. Through Emma s consciousness and conversations with her household and friends, the reader learns that Mr Elton has agreeable manners and is respected by all people in the Highbury community. The reader chiefly learns of Mr Elton s position and repute through what people say about him Mr Elton is good humoured, compeling and soft really agreeable..quite the gentleman himself. The first clip that Emma references Mr Elton, is to her male parent who agrees that he is a really good immature adult male, which illustrates his good repute within Highbury.

Both Elton and Mr. Elton are seeking for a comrade in the movie and the novel. However, their method of wooing differs due to the values of the clip. Elton is much more direct in his idiosyncrasy so Mr.Elton. Although Elton takes a more elusive attack, he expresses his desires really clearly and is non embarrassed or fazed by his ain straightness. Here, Heckerling shows the assurance and spoiled nature of teenage childs. This is apparent when he frequently shows fondness for Cher in the schoolroom, and when he demands to take Cher place. Although he is rejected by Cher, he appears more set back and insouciant about it so Mr. Elton in Emma. Although Mr Elton does non straight state her until the proposal scene, this is because of the values of the clip. Mr Elton is described as a gentleman, and it was good manners and societal etiquette to tribunal a adult female for some clip before suggesting. In the portrayal scene, when Emma suggests painting Harriet s portrayal we see that Elton is unmistakably in love with Emma even though Emma believes that Elton is interested in Harriet. The reader sees that Elton s munificent regards and his close survey of Emma while she is painting is to demo his love for her. Mr Elton fidgeting behind her and watching every touch.. This portrayal scene is transformed into the photograph scene in Clueless. Here, is the first clip that the spectator sees that Elton has a little involvement in Cher. Though it is elusive, it is still apparent through Elton s facial looks and actions. The spectator sees an confidant shooting of Dionne and Murray, while it pans across to Elton, and so Tai, behind Elton. This contrasts the deficiency of familiarity between Elton and Tai, and makes it even more obvious to the spectator his involvement in Cher when Cher s asks him to set his arm around Tai and he does it grudging- and does it merely because Cher asks him to. Here, we see that Mr Elton and Elton s manner of attack relationships are different because of the values of the clip and the context.

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