Clytemnestra S Role In Agamemnon Essay Research

7 July 2017

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Clytemnestra S Role In Agamemnon. Essay, Research Paper

Clytemnestra s function in Agamemnon.

Agamemnon is a great Grecian calamity drama. It s a narrative of the Trojan War, which lasted for 10 old ages and greatly influenced the hereafter. As true for any war, non merely the work forces took portion in it. Most of the adult females were someway involved but each one from a different facet of the war. Each adult female brought her ain alone position. Troy adult females such as Andromache, Briseis, Cassandra, Creusa and more got to see the war first-hand. Others like Clytemnestra, Deidameia, Laodamia, and Penelope waited in distant lands for the war to stop, and some adult females took a more active stance in the war by exerting blades and contending. Penthesilea and the Amazons were the two adult females who participated in conflict. The Trojan War turned lives upside down and created a huge array of myths. The Trojan War affected many adult females. None were affected more than Clytemnestra.

Clytemnestra was the girl of Tyndareus and Leda and hence was Helen & # 8217 ; s half sister. Her male parent betrothed her to Tantalus while she was still a virgin. Because Tantalus was the boy of Thyestes who was the male monarch of Mycenae, Clytemnestra automatically became a queen. Soon after their matrimony she gave birth to a boy, named Tantalus. After the birth of their kid, Tantalus and his neonate were killed by Agamemnon who besides obtained Clytemnestra as belongings from the adult male whom he merely defeated. This was the first existent large calamity in Clytemnestra s life caused by Agamemnon. After the decease of her boy and hubby she saw Agamemnon go male monarch. She had three kids with Agamemnon, Iphigenia, Electra and Orestes. When the war began, Agamemnon sacrificed Iphinia to Artemis so he could travel to contend at Troy. After the forfeit of her girl, Clytemnestra was devastated and was ferocious with her hubby s determination.

While Agamemnon was contending at Troy, Aegithus wooed Clytemnestra who succumbed to his progresss. Harmonizing to the myth, she was destined to be an fornicatress from her childhood. When her male parent neglected a really of import forfeit to Aphrodite before in his life, she placed a expletive on their household and said that all of his girls would be fornicatresss. Clytemnestra bore Aegisthus a girl, Erigone. She was still infuriated with Agamemnon for giving her girl and began to compose programs to seek to kill him. When Agamemnon returned place with his freshly won award Cassandra, Clytemnestra and Aegisthus murdered them both. Some believe that Agamemnon was killed because he brought over Cassandra as a courtesan but I believe that the slaying was planned before the information that Agamemnon was conveying anyone back.

Their offense did non travel unpunished. When Agamemnon s boy Orestes reached maturity, he returned and killed both, his female parent and her lover. Clytemnestra begged for her life but to no help, she was murdered in the same manner she murdered her hubby.

I think that she played a immense portion in the drama. He actions caused many deceases and much more grief to people across the land. She murdered a male monarch in her hubby, a wholly guiltless adult female who she thought was being brought as a

courtesan in Cassandra and paid with her life for her actions. She is in many respects a sympathetic character, but her entanglement contaminations the righteousness of her offense with Aegisthus. Even so, it is clear that Agamemnon’s decease had to be avenged.

Clytemnestra is a extremely controversial character in mythology. While it is true that she committed criminal conversation, which can be blamed on Aphrodite & # 8217 ; s expletive. It is besides true that she killed her hubby, though that, excessively, can be blamed on the fact Agamemnon killed her girl with Tantalus and sacrificed their girl so he could travel fight in the war. He besides brought back with Cassandra who was to be his courtesan. It is harder to accommodate Clytemnestra & # 8217 ; s blessing of the program to slay her boy, Orestes, because she had protested the forfeit of Iphigenia so vehemently, but I think that she knew that he would come after her to revenge his male parent s decease.

Some people say that in all respects Clytemnestra was a victim, non merely of her insensitive hubby and her scheming lover, but besides her ain hurt amour propre and self-pride.

As the drama goes on the chorus and other characters see her in really negative footings and in my sentiment her actions do non turn out them incorrect. Even though she says that she is killing Agamemnon because he killed her girl and gave another one off to travel to war, she is burying that she besides murdered a wholly guiltless adult female in Cassandra. Even if Cassandra was non murdered so her actions could hold been more justified. By first killing Clytemnestra & # 8217 ; s and Tantalus girl Agamemnon should of known that there would be retaliation from either Tantalus household or from his married woman. Nothing in Greek mythology goes unpunished, particularly non slay. Clytemnestra should hold realized that when be aftering to kill one of the most powerful work forces in the land. Its understandably how disquieted she was by the decease of her girl and how much she wanted to pay back Agamemnon but I don t think that slaying him and his kept woman was the right solution. All she did with her actions is dug her ain grave and caused great heartache to a batch of people all across the land. This is one of the earliest instances where a really celebrated stating of Two wrongs do non do a right is really true.

Another manner to seek to warrant her actions is her engagement with Aegisthus. While be aftering for the slaying of her hubby Clytemnestra said that one of the grounds she was making it, was because he was conveying place a kept woman. I think that she is burying that she had done something merely as bad. How can she anticipate to be forgiven for her cheating because of a expletive? I am a house truster in superstitious notion and in future relation but she blames all her problems on the expletive of Aphrodite. I think that this is a pathetic accusal to do. There were a batch of expletives in the drama, which did come true, but most of them were non by the pick of the individual. She was in entire control of the state of affairs and still made the pick to perpetrate criminal conversation. This pick would finally be her dearly. I think that most of the sentiments on Clytemnestra are right and she decidedly was at mistake for a batch of things in her life including her ain decease.

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