Coal Chamber: Chamber Music

7 July 2019

If you have been looking for a band to change the way youlook at yourself, Coal Chamber is it. They focus on letting kids know it’s okayto be different. Coal Chamber is made up of lead singer B. Dez Fafara, guitaristMiguel “Meegs” Rascon, bassist Rayna Foss and drummer Mike”Mikee” Cox.

The melodies and harmony of “ChamberMusic” set a new tone for them. Their self-titled debut had a differentapproach, with screaming vocals and hip-hop-driven beats. But Fafara felt hedidn’t have to scream to get his point across, and knew his fans would back hiswork. Coal Chamber still keeps the heavy style, but mixes it with orchestra,keyboards and piano. They do a cover of Peter Gabriel’s “Shock theMonkey,” with guest Ozzy Osbourne. “Tyler’s Song” tells the leadsinger’s son to stand his ground and take care of his mother. “MyMercy” is a dark, creepy song featuring Aime Echo, ex-lead singer of HumanWaste Project, and Elijah Blue Allman, lead singer of the underground bandDeadsy.

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Fans of the first Coal Chamber album will appreciate the bandmembers’ growth as musicians, but tracks on the record that stick to their rootsinclude “Tragedy,” “El Cu Cuy” and “What’s In YourMind?” Coal Chamber loves their fans and I don’t think they will lose anywith this album; if anything, they will gain more. “Chamber Music” is amajor step for the band, and only a taste of what is to come.

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