Coca-Cola Marketing Strategy

10 October 2016

Indirect Exporting- Coke sells their product to separately owned bottling companies around the world who then bottle the product and sell it to wholesalers around their location. 3. Product-Coca-Cola uses two formulas (one with sugar, one with corn syrup) for all markets. The product packaging in every country incorporates the contour bottle design and the logo in some way shape or form. However, the bottle or can also includes the country’s native language and is the same size as other beverage bottles or cans in that same country. Global Marketing, Wiki) Pricing- Coca-Cola products are priced right about the same as its competitors in that geographic area (varies depending on location). They incorporate a psychological pricing strategy, for example instead of having a 24 pack of cans be $10 they make it $9. 98 in order to create the illusion to the customer that it is a lot cheaper than it really is. Place- Coca-Cola sells its product to bottling companies, vending machines, gas stations, newsstands, and other wholesalers in places all over the world, who then sell it to the consumer.

Promotion-Mainly television commercials that are specialized for each separate country (different athlete drinking coke in china that in Italy). They place their logo in as many strategic places as possible to get people to think about their product. 4. Coca-Cola has done extensive work to make sure that their product is appealing to everyone and it is one of the most well recognized and respected brands in the world. They have instituted zero-emission trucks (all electric) into their fleet of vehicles to promote going green.

Coca-Cola Marketing Strategy Essay Example

One Issue is that their bottling plants have been accused of being unclean and full of unhealthy pesticides. One test found that a plant in India had let some of the pesticides into its products and was even shut down for a period of time. (CSE, 2006) ——————————————– [ 1 ]. Wikipedia, “Global Marketing”, 2011 http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Global_marketing [ 2 ]. Coca-Cola, “About us”, 2011, http://www. thecoca-colacompany. com/? WT. cl=1&WT. mm=footer1-about-red_en_US [ 3 ]. Centre for Science and Environment, “CSE releases new study on pesticides in soft drinks”, 2006

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