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11 November 2016

The Marketing, Sales & Distribution strategy for Bottlers Nepal Limited is entitled “Refresh the Marketplace” and includes: A robust Consumer Response System to address any consumer/customer concerns, ideas, suggestions – either on product and its quality or on stock supply – maintenance of equipment etc… All consumer concerns are dealt with in a fair, timely and friendly manner, so as to satisfy them and resolve their concerns. Marketing and advertising communications are focused on POS (point-of-sale), Radio, TV, hoardings, truck backs, etc… Emphasis is also placed on Consumer Price to enforce Price Compliance.

Marketing and advertising communications are customized to suit to local sentiments – social, religious, ethnic. Innovative packages and pack sizes are offered to give better value to consumers and ease of storage to retailers. Prices and packs are introduced in a format that is affordable to all segments of society. General Information Population: 27,5 million (28. 9 million as of July 2007 estimate) GDP per capita (purchasing power parity): US$ 1,5 million (estimated and not exact) Location: Kathmandu and Bharatpur Employees: 469 Number of MDC’s: 32 Job creation – multiplier effect: ± 10,000

Coca-Cola Nepal Essay Example

Local operating name: Bottlers Nepal Ltd 2 Bottling Plants Sales Manager- Bottler Nepal Mr. Madhav Kafle is the Deputy Sales Manger of the bottlers Nepal. He has been with the bottlers Nepal since 1998 he joined bottlers Nepal as a sales officer and then he was promoted to the Sales Executive and later promoted to Area Sales Manager. Qualification: Masters in Arts. Number of years with Bottlers Nepal: 10 years Territory: Katmandu (which is the largest territory and the highest sales generating territory) Key Responsibility: Forecasting sales plan / preparing sales budget

Sales forecasting is done looking at the past trends. He normally takes in account the sales volume of past 3 years, activity in the market and then set the target. He considers the average growth in the sales volume and then tentatively adds 5% to 10% to the previous year’s growth and fixes the target for the year. He also consults the existing sales force for their valuable inputs in order to make the forecasting more accurate and feasible. The territory sales forecast is done according to the capacity of the territory and the sales force capability i. . some territories grow fast where as some grow slow, these factors are kept in mind while forecasting the sales target for the particular territory. The sales forecast for a particular territory is also based on the individual sales officer. He also decides on the amount of the promotional support need in order to meet the target sales. He does this by looking back to the amount of post sales support and then plans for the promotion. While doing this he also keeps in mind the impact on future product sales. Weekly reporting to the country manager

His report to the country manager consist of the overall weekly achievement in terms sales volume of his territory and any other major issues if any which need to be addressed to the higher level management. His report is a consolidated report sent by the Area sales manager and it contains the report on the previous week’s achievement and his new plan for the coming week and the month. The plans consist of volume of production for the coming month and sales on the basis of the production. This plan is also forwarded to all the departments’ viz. arketing and production so that the departments can plan accordingly. Communication with the other departments He interacts with the production manager on regular basis to decide on the volume of production. He also works together with the Marketing Manager in order to come up with promotion for pushing sales and to develop marketing strategies for future sales target. Area sales survey for a particular area is done by the marketing department. Suggestion is taken from the marketing department before formulation of the sales plan for a particular territory.

Hiring and selection of Sales force: Sales manager is responsible for hiring salespeople with the appropriate skills and backgrounds to implement the sales strategy. Good sources must be found for new hires, and those who are weak in these areas are carefully screened out. The normally advertise through newspaper. The other sources of candidates are references of current employees. The Applications and the CVs received are first collected by the Human Resource Department and then full scrutinized it. The short listed candidates are then invited for a written test.

The further short listed candidates are invited for an interview with the sales Manager and the Human Resource Manager. The selected candidates are called for the training. Training Sales Force: In addition to hiring qualified people, salespeople’s competencies are usually developed through training before they are sent into the field. He identifies the training needs of the individual sales person and then informs about it to the Human Resource department. The Human Resource department in turn coordinates with the trainer.

They are given 1 to 1 and half months training depending upon the sales person. Sales managers are responsible for making sure that training is completed, and they often conduct some of the classes. Most initial training programs are designed to familiarize salespeople with the company’s products, services, and operating procedures, with some time devoted to development of selling skills. Because sales training is expensive, the sales manager is responsible for selecting the most cost-effective methods, location, and materials. Training is normally imparted by the trainer form Bangkok.

Motivate, Develop and inspires the sales force: Builds and maintains relationships that motivate, guide, and/or reinforce the performance of others toward goal accomplishments. Weekly sales meets are done and those who are the achiever of the highest sales in the territory are appreciated and acknowledge in the meeting. The have a program of the monthly achiever wherein the highest achievers name is put up on the board. If the performance is consistent for couple of months they are given bigger territories. Promotions are performance based. Core Competencies of the Sales Manager

Communicate the principles and values of The Company through personal contact with consumers and dignitaries from around the valley in order to further enhance the consumers’ connection to the brands. Delegate work assignments and tasks to sales representative, providing sufficient direction so desired business outcomes can be achieved. Drives Innovative Sales Improvements: Develops new insights into ideas that result in organizational improvements; promotes a work environment that fosters the development of the sales force and increase the overall sales volume.

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