Coco Mademoiselle Brand Analysis

10 October 2016

The problems faced by the Chanel Coco Mademoiselle brand is that the brand needed an stronger online presence, which would not only draw prospective buyers to the Coco Mademoiselle website, but that needed to be interactive with their target market. The brand needed a means by which they could, like their brand identity, be social and be bold.

Coco Mademoiselle needed to connect with its fans, but the connection needed to fit with their identity, a natural extension of the brand, and it needed to be a part of the brand, which Coco Mademoiselle fans would want to interact with and take part in. A Coco Mademoiselle woman can be described as bold, sassy and feminine, an ideal, which is, emphasize in the Coco Mademoiselle “bold femininity” campaign. The entire campaign is centered around the concepts of bold femininity and being beautifully bold.

Bold femininity not only describes a women who knows what she wants, it describes a women who is confident, yet is still feminine. Beautifully bold describes an attitude toward life; it is bold to know one is beautiful and to “own” that beauty, to live in the knowledge that you are sexy and you are beautiful. To bring these ideals and concept to life I created a Coco Mademoiselle website which, not only reveals the essence of the brand to viewers, but also contains information about how perfumes and fragrances are constructed using notes and the history and origins of the Coco Mademoiselle brand.

The creation of a Tumblr page, which is dedicated not only to what the Coco Mademoiselle brand represents, but also pays homage to the famous “Coco” Chanel. Every month the top ten ‘Coco Mademoiselles’ from the Coco Mademoiselle’s “SexUp Your Selfie” application will be featured on the Tumblr page. This feature on the Tumblr page is to not only celebrate the women who actively interact with the Coco Mademoiselle brand, but also to celebrate women being beautifully bold.

The ‘selfie’ culture is a new cultural trend that has been growing in the last few years. “Selfie” refers to a photograph one takes of them self, most often a sexy picture. The very action of taking a photograph of ones self is a bold action, it is not only an expression of self-love, but also an expression of ones own identity, a type of modern day self portrait. Using this insight and with this idea of taking sexy pictures of ones self, an application for cell phones was designed.

The concept of the application is that Coco Mademoiselle fans would be able to interact with the brand by downloading the “SexUp Your Selfie” application. Once downloaded, users would be able to access tips, such as different make-up style a and tutorials, information on how the change and use lighting to get the best out of your camera and highlight your figure, as well as inspiration for poses and modeling tips.

The idea is the Mademoiselles all over the world would then be able to upload their “sexed up selfies” and rate each others pictures on a scale from “cute” to “Coco Mademoiselle. ” This “selfie’ culture celebrates exactly what Coco Mademoiselle stands for, it celebrates boldness, identity and that is why “SexUp Your Selfie” fits perfectly with the brand. It celebrates bold femininity and the fact that young women are becoming beautifully bold, just as the young “Coco” Chanel was.

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