Code of Conduct

4 April 2015

An analysis of the Code of Conduct set up in 1986 to measure international business behavior. In recognition of the important role that multinational business plays in global peace and prosperity, the Caux Round Table Principles for Business was established in 1986 to define a world standard against which business behavior could be measured. This paper discusses its implementation and adherence using examples from large multinational businesses. “While many other multinationals such as Phillips, Motorola, Hewlett Packard, and Kodak have also withdrawn from Burma, many continue to do business (Chase Manhattan, Colgate, Ford, Halliburton). Experience has shown that sanctions mostly work only when they are widespread and to that extent unless the international business and political communities unite in a total embargo, it is unlikely that isolated actions by companies like Levi Strauss are going to have much impact on improving the fundamental rights of the Burmese people.”

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