Since the establishment of The Ritz Carlton Hotel Company, it was not only known with Its service quality, but also with Its Importance given to employees and their behaviors. Employees are one of the most Important factors of company’s success and they can be seen as the main component of the “Codes of Ethics”. Although we did not have such “Codes of Ethics” document until today, we have been always proud of our employees because they acted according to the norms and values of the society they live in and followed the laws of the country they worked.

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However, some ituations can not be so easy that one can handle only by laws or norms and values. Therefore, we decided to prepare this document to guide our employees in such cases. Our code consists of three parts, integrity within the company, integrity in relation to others and implementation & violations. First two parts include the subtitles that can create some problems, which can be considered as “unethical”. Third part Is the implementation part and also explains what will happen, if these principles are violated.

All the employees are expected to act for the interest of The Ritz Carlton Hotel Company, not or their own interests. Conflict of Interest) All the employees are, again, expected not to accept any favors from others (customers, suppliers, competitors… etc. ) that will influence their decisions about the company’s interests. ”+ Business and Financial Reports: All of the business and financial reports of the company should not distort the truth. In others words, they should be accurate because they directly influence the reputation and credibility of the company. Controlling the accuracy of those reports is not only the responsibility of Finance Department.

All employees should be involved in this process. ”+ Assets of the Company: Protection of company assets is under the responsibility of all The Ritz Carlton employees. All the employees are expected to use these assets for company- related purposes. Theft of the company assets by employees can not be tolerated. It is also illegal and necessary actions will be taken by the company. ”+ Information Use: All of the employees are responsible for the protection of nonpublic information of the company. Insider trading can not be disregarded by The Ritz Carlton Hotel

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