Codename X by Excision

6 June 2019

Excision is a Canadian electronic, primarily dubstep, producer that is known for bringing in the heavy drops of neuro dubstep. Having been around for awhile also helps although as this album would show, he has delved into other genres like Drumstep, Moonbahton and Electro so he isn’t entirely focused on neurostep, or whatever you call his type of dubstep. Excision has also been known to collaborate with many people too, usually Datsik and Downlink.
Codename X is eleven tracks of pure awesome and right from the beginning title track, we are hit with a giant banger. The drops on here are gonna be important, as it is a big aspect of modern electronic music. While it may not be as heavy as some of his previous works like the Existence VIP with Downlink, I feel it still has the higher production value to hold high as that is something that is respectable.

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While songs like Codename X, Bring The Madness and Robo Kitty are heavy bangers that will get you hyped up, he has made some softer tracks to help the constant chaos not get in the way with songs like Float Away and Nightshine. I also like the fake out in the beginning of Robo Kitty as from that I thought it was gonna be a hardstyle song, which would have been cool to be honest. Some of my favorites are Bring The Madness(there is a partial bias for Pegboard Nerds collaborating), Codename X, Robo Kitty, Nightshine, Float Away and X Up. Some for being crushing and heavy as an anvil and some for having a melodic touch or not being the former which shows some willingness. Alot of the drops here are also really fun and somehow he’s able to fit three in some tracks. Not to mention, none of these tracks are five or six minutes in length which makes it that much harder but, he can do it, and with style too. Robo Kitty also lands another collab with Downlink and it sounds cool too to be honest and I can personally listen to Codename X and Bring The Madness all day. I would love for you guy’s to check out Excision has he is awesome.
I give this a 9.9/10. I am the Grim Reaper, signing off.

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