Cognitive Development

3 March 2017

Process Essay Cognitive Development There have been many different areas of interest in the field of psychology. The most popular area is the cognitive development of children. Cognitive development is the growth in children’s ways of thinking about and interacting with their environment. Some of the famous theorists concerning in the development of cognitive human development are Freud, Erikson and Piaget. The most accurate theory is Piaget’s theory. His theory provided many fundamental concepts in the field of developmental psychology and concerned the growth of intelligence.

Piaget divided the cognitive development into four stages period that children use to understand the world, roughly correlated with and becoming increasingly sophisticated with age: The first stage is the sensorimotor stage that begins from birth until two years of age. During this stage, the child is concerned with gaining motor control and learning about physical objects. Children are curious explorers and try to the think about the world by interacting with it. They do not have idea if the object exists once it is removed from their sight.

Cognitive Development Essay Example

The child does not has a of basic concepts about time, space, causality, objects, and so on. The next stage is the preoperational stage that lasts roughly from age two to age seven. During this stage, the child acquires a number of abilities. Language is, of course, one of them. Another important advance is the recognition of object stability; they know that objects continue to exist even when they are out of sight. The child is preoccupied with verbal skills. At this point the child can name objects and reason logically. The third stage is the concrete-operational stage which occurs between the ages of seven and eleven.

During this period, the child become less egocentric than they were in the preoperational stage; they begin to understand that other people do not always share their perspective. However, the child begins to deal with abstract concepts such as numbers and relationships, but their cognition is still not entirely adult-like. The formal-operational stage is the fourth and final stage of cognitive development in Piaget’s theory this stage begins around age eleven and continues to adulthood. During this stage the child has the ability to think theoretically, reason logically and draw conclusions from the information available.

When they are faced with problems, adolescents formulate hypotheses about the possible causes and solutions and systematically test those solutions. All of these four stages are very important to the developmental growth of a child. There are many exercises and games that parents can do with their child to improve the cognitive development of children. The process to this development does take a long time to develop fully, but with the help of the parents you can help your child be successful and learn to engage in activities that are good for him and his cognitive learning process.

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