Coke vs Pepsi

10 October 2016

Coca-Cola and Pepsi have been rivals for centuries. While most people have their own preference on which cola they prefer, they have no idea what makes these two cola brands so similar yet so different. While both are similar in color and taste, the biggest difference between these two brands are their sugar level. Coca-Cola, the dominant coke brand, contains less sugar compared to that of Pepsi’s. Furthermore, these two world renowned colas are said to help regain energy because of its caffeine content.

In addition, Pepsi has higher caffeine content and contains more calories compared to Coke. These two cola types carbonated drinks are slightly different in taste. Coca-Cola has a slight vanilla taste to it while Pepsi has a sort of citrusy taste to it. When poured into a glass, Coca-Cola produces more “fizz” even though it is much smoother when swallowed. On the other hand, Pepsi maintains its fizzy sensation when swallowed.

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Despite all these differences, most people can barely tell the difference between these two colas in a blind-folded taste test.

There was an experiment conducted to test students’ preference on both colas. According to Woolfolk and her associates (185-186), most college student Coke drinkers prefer Pepsi in a test where Pepsi and Coke are labeled as S and L respectively. They have concluded that college students prefer the letter S compared to L. They had conducted an experiment where both cups S and L contained half Coke and half Pepsi. Regardless of the type of cola, the students preferred cola S over cola L in 85 percent of the cases.

This has proved that students’ preference on their favorite cola did not result from the preference for different colas, but the preferences for certain letters. In conclusion, these two colas’ have differences so slight that most consumers cannot even tell. References Bhasin, Kim. “Coke vs. Pepsi: The Cola Wars. ” Coke vs. Pepsi: The History of the Cola Wars (infographic). N. p. , 4 Jan. 2013. Web. 10 Apr. 2013. Woolfolk, M. E. , Castellan, W. , & Brooks, C. I. (1983). Pepsi versus Coke: Labels, not tastes, prevail, Psychological Reports, 52, 185-186. Print

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