Coke vs Pepsi Market Share in Uttar Pradesh

2 February 2017

Soft drinks consist of flavor base, a sweetener and carbonated water. In general, terms non- alcoholic drinks are considered as soft drinks. This name soft drink was given by America as against hard drink, which is mainly alcoholic. The major participants involve in the production and distribution of soft drinks are concentrated and syrup producers, bottles and retail channels. Concentrate producers manufacture basic soft drink flavors and sold them to bottles. Bottles purchase concentrate add carbonated water and sometimes sweetener.

Bottle or can the soft drink, ads deliver it to customer accounts. Retail channels refer to business location that sells or serve our product directly to consumers. In U. S. A Soft, drinks had existed since the early 1800s, when many U. S. druggists had concocted blends to fruit syrup and carbonated soda water that they sold at their soda fountains. In India, the history of soft drinks might have been started in history to treat kings. In old days, the persons used to offer lassi or jaggary with water. Kings or wealthy persons usually offer madira, grape juice etc.

Coke vs Pepsi Market Share in Uttar Pradesh Essay Example

Now all the things had been changed into soft drinks, tea, coffee, etc. that is why water, tea, coffee and nimbu pani are considered as the main competitors of soft drinks etc. Soft drinks are not product, which a person’s plant to buy before had but it is an impulse purchase thus lot of sales, depends upon the strength of merchandising, point of sales. In India, cold drink market is growing exuberantly day-by-day and coming out as a most profitable business. All the activities of cold drink market are revolving around three major competitors i. . coke, Pepsi and cad buries.

Out of these three, two coke and Pepsi have a face-to-face competition with unequal brands. Cold drink market is flourishing rapidly with a total market of 3000 crores from which Rs 1800 crores market is snatched by cola flavor and market of Rs 400 crores has been captured by lemon flavor. If we see the percentage of different flavors in market, a big portion of 60% has been snatched by cola flavor. Lemon and orange flavors captured a market of 16% each, while remaining 8% market has been shared by mango and other flavors.

Coke with the brands thumps up, Coca-Cola, limca, fanta, maaza is in the market while its competitor Pepsi with the brand Pepsi, mirinda, slice, lehar soda, teem, 7up and newly launched mirinda lemon is striving in the market. In lemon flavour group, limca a product of Coca-Cola is leading with 9% share, teem is struggling with 1. 5% market while cad buries shows have small portion of 0. 5%. In clear lemon of green bottles soft drinks, 7up (Pepsi) is growing high with 2. 5% market share; cad buries Canada dry with 1% and Citra (coke) with 0. 5% existing in the market.

A soft drink is mixture of concentrate sugar syrup and treated water. The factors that affect the soft drink industry and have resulted in the great competition are: a)Impulse: Soft drink business is not governed by brand loyalty. Therefore, that emphasis is not only creating the market but also retaining it. b)Availability factor: The availability of right brands in the right place, at the right time is the main aim for winning consumers in the soft drink business. c)Seasonal business: The main consumption of soft drinks is in summers and hence most of the profits are to be made in this season itself.

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