Colbie Caillat – Breakthrough

10 October 2019

Colbie Caillat, a talented singer and songwriter from California, released her second album, “Breakthrough,” this summer. Those who grew to love her peaceful and emotional voice on her debut album, “Coco,” will instantly fall in love with this one. It debuted at number one on the Billboard chart in its first week.

The album takes listeners through a pleasant and incredible journey. In the first track, “I Won’t,” the catchy tune will leave you humming all day. “Begin Again” is a popular favorite about starting over. You will want to snap your fingers along with “You Got Me,” and “Fallin’ for You,” the first single, is a fun tune that many people can relate to.

One of the best tracks is “Droplets,” which was cowritten and recorded with the ­incredible singer-songwriter Jason Reeves. Reeves also cowrote a number of other songs on the album.

Colbie is certainly fearless with this album, though her track called “Fearless” should not be confused with Taylor Swift’s song or album. It’s a slow and emotional song. The title track, “Breakthrough,” is great, but not the best of the album. “It Stops Today” is the most inspirational, with Colbie vowing that she will no longer fall and will be worry-free and herself again. Teenagers with low self-esteem or struggling with an issue will find hope in this song.

“Stay With Me,” the best-loved song on this album, is a bonus track from the Deluxe version. The overly cute lyrics are sweeter than sugar and puppies combined (“We simply fit together/Like a piece of apple pie/I will be vanilla ice cream and I’ll sing you lullabies”).

Although Colbie’s light and serene style of music is not for everyone, the album is well written and catchy. Many songs might sound the same, but they are relaxing and easy to fall asleep to or chill to on the beach. Listen to this album with a free spirit and an open mind. It will be sure to make you smile.

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