Cold Inferno by Disarmonia Mundi

8 August 2019

Disarmonia Mundi is an Italian based melodic death metal band that is heavily influenced by the early Gothenburg scene with bands like At The Gates, Carcass and In Flames. With this in mind, I would personally recommend this to anyone who is a fan of that scene and any band like this. It’s been six whole years since their last album, The Isolation Game, and it must feel great to be back.
Cold Inferno has some features that the other albums before this didn’t really have too much of. From what I’m concerned with, no album prior to this have ever sounded quite as epic in sound quality nor have had any song longer than five minutes. With this album, we even get a seven minute long track which is track five(I’m too lazy too look it up). Other than that, it’s mostly same old same old from here and frankly, while it is fun to thrash your head to, the lack of innovation and overall complexity seems boring after a while. Not to say it’s bad. This album also boasts a shorter album length than it’s predecessors being only 45 minutes total, not long at all to be perfectly honest. At least if you do get bored, it won’t be for long. The highlights for me is the seven minute track I’ve mentioned, at least it is a but more melodic and, dare I say, a but more progressive in style than some of the other tracks. I otherwise find everything to be…more of the same to be honest. Though if,you want to find Neo-Gothenburg bands, I suggest you start here. I find this similar in style to All That Remains’ The Order of Things from much earlier this year where everything sounds mostly the same except for the long track or tracks. Just a slight comparison. If you compress this to something like Mind Tricks or The Isolation Game, this is far inferior in comparison. Without it, it is pretty solid regardless of its unoriginality.
I give this an 8.5/10. It is just as brutal, if not, more brutal than their other works, but suffers from lack of originally. I am the Grim Reaper, signing off.

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