Cold Morning

4 April 2019

The cold mornings are like a walk in freezer because my nose gets as red like Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. Waiting outside for the bus during the cold mornings make me stiff and I feel like I can almost freeze. Having to take the bus is a must; the reason is because both my parents work. I also work which affects me on going on the bus to.

Working, I have to be at work 1 hour after school and I don’t get out until night almost midnight at times. The only reason I work is to help my parent out with financial problems. Working gives me no time to study which really affects me in school. With work I have really gave up lots things for example studying, school activities, and things I used to do for fun. Back then when I had no job I used to be in lots of sports and I would stay after school for extra help, but now I have no time for all that.

Cold Morning Essay Example

Waking up every morning at 5 am is a struggle when working late. Waking up at 5 am really affects me how I do in school, because when I am in class I’m half asleep, which means that I am not really listening and paying attention. Waking up late is a bigger problem for me because then I miss the bus, which means I have no ride to school because both of my parents leave early to work and I have no other way to get to school. Not going to school really affects me. Whenever I don’t go I can’t turn in work that was due that day or do the work that was done in class. Every day I don’t go I just lose those point, which really effects my grade in every of my class.

Every time I don’t go to school because I miss the bus I feel bad. The reason why I feel bad is because if I don’t go to school my grades will go down and that really disappoints my parents. Both my mom and dad depend on me going to school every day and having good grades and a perfect education. The reason why my parents want the best for me is because they didn’t have the same choices as me of going to school, and also because they want to see my dreams true and have a bright future.

Every morning I’m outside in the cold waiting for the bus I feel stupid. Reason is because sometimes I wait half an hour out in the dark morning waiting for the bus. After more than an hour I figure that the bus has passed and I missed it once again. Being outside during the winter at 5 am in the mornings is the most horrible thing I have ever experienced because I feel I can freeze to death.

After all working and going to school pays off no matter what. Even though sometimes it can be difficult I have to suffer because in the future I know that I will have to go through difficult problems, and this is just a lesson. When finishing high school and I go off to college I know that will make my parents really proud and for me that all that counts.

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