Cold War Intensification Between 1947 An Essay

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Cold War Intensification between 1947 and 1953

During the period of 1947 to 1953 dealingss between East and west continued to deteriorate.

The first jobs aroused after dissensions on what should go on to the now divided Germany. All parties involved wanted to reunite Germany, nevertheless a determination could non be reached over how this would be done. It was agreed that the Soviet Union would acquire German machinery to replace Industry destroyed in the war. It was besides agreed that the predominately agricultural based East Germany would transport nutrient to the predominately urban West Germany. This did non go on, which caused the USA to halt transportation machinery to the Soviet Union. This sparked a reaction from the Soviet Union. The USSR resisted efforts to reunite Germany, and alternatively put up a Communist based authorities in East Germany. By 1948 the US, UK and Gallic sectors merged, and Germany was divided into two distinguishable parts, the Capitalist West, and the Communist East. However, there were still hopes of reunion. In 1947 differences about currency reform caused the Soviets to go forth the Allied Control Council in 1948. Now the Soviet Union blockaded the Western zones under West German control. This about starved the western portion of the metropolis. In response, Britain and the US flew in supplie

s to Western Berlin to maintain the metropolis operating. Finally, the Sovietss backed down, and in 1949 the encirclement was lifted. East and West Germany were separated for good by now.

Meanwhile, in the remainder of Europe such divisions were besides taking topographic point. The Soviet Union was seeking to do a buffer zone, as marauding European ground forcess by and large went westward. Making the? buffer zone? required puting up communist authoritiess in many east European states and associating them to a great extent to Moscow. The Western powers saw this as aggressive expansionism, and were determined to halt it. The United states, through the Marshall Plan provided assistance to states defying communism. This put a batch of tenseness on US-USSR dealingss.

In 1949 the Western powers, lead by UK and USA formed the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, whose purpose was to protect its members from possible menace, either economically, politically or militarily. This was a direct resistance to Soviet Union, which formed the Warsaw treaty in response. This led to a development of two cantonments in Europe.

During the early 50s the Soviet Union harshly exploited its sattelite provinces. These states were rapidly communized, farms collectivised, industry industrialised and resistance crushed.

In 1953, Stalin died, which led to a new epoch in east-west dealingss.

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