Coldplay by Coldplay

10 October 2019

My state of sadness brought me to what is now something so dear and close to my heart.
Music would pull me out of the black hole I felt like I was living and disappearing through and into world of my own that I adored. It was quiet, yet so loud. Almost like on the first day of school when there is that one class that you just don’t know anybody in and you feel so lonely in such a crowded room. It is a sand paper kind of feeling; rough.
“Life goes on it gets so heavy”
This one lyric shouts a million different things to me.
There is a reason for life. Times will get hard. You will want to give up. Never end something worthwhile for something temporary. Life goes on.
Sometimes I feel as if I may not be where I am today, or even here if It wasn’t for Chris, Johnny, Will and Guy.

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They have been inside of me, in my heart for so long and they are taped and stapled on me. Their music will forever be stuck in my head. Not the bad kind of stuck in your head like that one annoying song that your favorite radio station plays on repeat, but the kind that is stuck in my head to keep me on my feet; to keep me from sinking, tripping back into my black hole.

For me my conscious was pushed over and it now shares itself with Coldplay’s lyrics.
“Look at the stars, look how they shine for you”
You are beautiful
I feel as though this song was made for girls in general.
Every girl goes through that one point in their lives that completely turns them upside down, tears them apart, and makes them feel
Ugly. Worthless. Lonely.
Oh, how I despise those words.
Yet through those sand paper kinds of times, there is always somebody pulling their hair out, screaming that you are beautiful, nothing close to worthless, and the farthest thing away from lonely. Some may choose to listen while some may choose to turn away.

If you feel like anything these lyrics are describing, and you don’t already listen and love Coldplay, I recommend highly. It helps.
It heals.
You may never think that music could change your life in such a drastic way, but it can.
It could even save your life.

I could never even begin to thank Guy, Chris, Johnny or Will. But if I could I would start with thanking them for being a part of my life. Even while they didn’t know I existed, they still found a way to thousands of fan’s hearts.

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