Coldplay – X&Y

8 August 2019

Often referred to as the next U2, the Grammy-winning rock quartet Coldplay just keeps getting better. β€œX&Y,” the highly-anticipated follow-up to 2002’s β€œA Rush of Blood to the Head,” delivers a solid 63-minute set with impressive songs that are crisp, satisfying and inspirational. Eighteen months in the making, Coldplay carefully dissected each song to perfection until it was no longer capable of being second-guessed.

Released in June, β€œX sold over 700,000 copies within the first week. β€œSquare One” introduces the CD very effectively with lead singer Chris Martin proclaiming, β€œYou just want somebody listening to what you say.” With intriguing guitar, piano and drum chords pieced together precisely and combined with Martin’s captivating voice, Coldplay’s overall sound here is well worth the wait.

β€œSpeed of Sound,” the first single to surface, contains a signature piano piece by Martin. The hidden acoustic track, β€œ’Til Kingdom Come,” proves to be sincere and sensitive and ends the CD appropriately with β€œJust say you’ll wait, you’ll wait for me ….

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β€œX&Y” is a creative and genuine album filled with intense music that anyone could love. I would not be ashamed to share this with my parents, friends or even teachers. Overall, the band uses their talent to create a heartfelt CD that powerfully connects with all audiences. I highly recommend β€œX&Y” without hesitation to everyone! It is certainly worthy of any CD collection. .

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