Cole Swindell by Cole Swindell

7 July 2019

Cole Swindell
Coming from small town, Bronwood, Georgia, Colden “Cole” Swindell slowly worked his name into the music leaderboards. Cole became known first in the music business writing for his fraternity brother, Luke Bryan. Cole and Luke played songs all around Georgia until Luke took the first step on the country music platform, having five songs written by Cole Swindell to make Billboards Top 200. Cole, soon enough, followed in Luke’s footsteps making the move to Nashville in September of 2007. Cole grew up with country music, first just listening, then to writing, and finally singing in his own special way. Now Cole Swindell is known throughout Nashville because of his gifted voice.
Cole Swindell was raised listening to country down in Georgia, but never thought he’d be singing on tours around the world. When hearing country, most people think of deep voices and stories, but Cole Swindell isn’t like that. He resembles a less famous Tim McGraw, singing with a voice, that when needed can hit the lowest and highest notes for what seems like forever. Country came from a slower, deeper style of old Southern Rock like the Brooks and Dunn from twenty years ago. Now the newer artists are bringing Southern Rock back almost to the point where some songs could be titled as Pop music. Cole Swindell is one of the better examples of modern Southern Rock artists who call themselves country.
One of the most important reasons people listen to country is how artists portray their lyrics with the style of singing. Like if its a sad song it will be sang with a deep voice and slower rhythm, while happier lyrics are sung faster and with a higher pitched voice with enthusiasm. Some artists tend to lean to a happy or sad side. For example, Rascal Flatts usually gets into the deep things like relationships and tragedies, and the other bands like Florida Georgia Line sings about the great things in life and all the fun we should be having. Cole Swindell tends to lean on the enthusiastic side, singing about summer and driving free. Swindell can also get to the other side of lyrics, singing about deeper thoughts and relationships, but most of his slower songs haven’t been discovered yet. “I got my shades on, top back, rolling with the music jacked. One on the wheel, one around you baby!” came from his only number one song “Chillin’ It”. This song became famous for his happy, summer, country type of singing. Cole’s only other single, “Hope You Get Lonely Tonight” is about girls and relationships, but its the fun in relationships. This second single he released showed Nashville that he can sing whatever he wants successfully.
Not even a year into the day he signed his record deal with Warner Bros Music Nashville in July of 2013, Cole Swindell has two singles, and one album, and as of right now he has four songs that have been in the Top 100 US Country Hits. Cole Started his career independently, releasing his first number one single, “Chillin’ It” just four months before signing a record deal. The first big step he took after being signed to a Record Label was releasing a 12 song, self-titled album with Warner Bros. After the album was released, fans loved one specific song so much, Warner Bros decided to release “Hope You Get Lonely Tonight” as a separate single. Shortly after being released as a single this song made the 27th spot on Billboards Top 200, making it the second time being on the charts in less than a year.
While Cole Swindell is no George Strait, with the type of success he has had in his first year, most people could see him following in the best country artists footsteps and possibly landing himself in the Country Music Hall of Fame. His unique style of writing,singing, performing will make him one of the best country artists in Nashville. The way he started his career with a number one hit, will surely lead to more success in his singing career. All the big artists and overly famous people came from different places, it just happened that this specific artist came from a town with a population of less than five hundred people. Just listening to his music, Cole Swindell can have a positive impact on your day and make you want to live life in the best possible way you can.

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