Collaborative Learning Community Essay Sample

9 September 2017

* It is a doctrine every bit good as a topographic point ; it is a manner of being every bit good as a on the job theoretical account. It is a mentality every bit good as a map. Foundation: Collaboration – working together for common ends. partnership. shared leading. co-evolving and co-learning – instead than competition and power given to merely a few. Focus: Learning – larning where pupils are actively showing their apprehension. instead than pupils go throughing written trials as the exclusive mark of cognizing. Learning. based on conceptual apprehension and the ability to use this cognition in a assortment of contexts. is a primary end within a collaborative acquisition community. * It is a new manner of believing for most pedagogues ( and the populace ) to cognize that all pupils can and will larn. that larning demands to be demonstrated. that it is of import to larn non merely facts. but besides conceptual relationships of thoughts and the procedures and positive attitudes of acquisition.

( Outcome of CLC ) Puting the focal point on pupil larning. instead than teacher stating or “covering the content” . agencies:
* pupils take duty for their ain acquisition
* acquisition experiences are geared to students’ involvements and demands
* pupils are actively engaged in larning in a assortment of groups and contexts
* acquisition is understood. applied and internalized.

Happens at: Community – a creative activity of integrity through appreciating and observing diverseness.

* In add-on. the school reflects the population and background of the larger community ; hence. collaborative acquisition communities help pupils larn the attitudes. cognition and accomplishments that benefit all in the community and community members become spouses in facilitating and spread outing the acquisition procedure.

Features of Community

* Sense of Shared Purpose
* Respect for Differences
* Agreement on Core Valuess
* Acceptance
* Engagement
* Trust
* Communication
* Collaboration
* Committedness

* Reciprocity
* Conscious Choice
* Accountability
* Shared Responsibility
* Efficacy
* Equity
* Perceived Skill
* Openness
* Coherence

Dynamicss needed to go a continually turning and regenerating system
* mutuality of members
* nurturing relationships
* construction and form
* sustainability through feedback cringles and recycling of stuffs
* energy flow and rhythms
* partnership. co-evolution and co-learning
* diverseness through a assortment of relationships and/or attacks
* flexibleness and permeable boundaries. every bit good as
* webs that are self-organizing. self-renewing.

In order to make a collaborative acquisition community. one needs to believe and run systemically.

Footing of Systematic Thinking

* whole instead than parts
* relationships instead than persons. or detached objects
* procedure instead than construction
* webs instead than hierarchy
* quality instead than measure
* sufficiency instead than scarceness
* sustainability instead than development
* dynamic balance instead than changeless growing
* mutuality instead than independency
* cooperation instead than competition
* estimate instead than absolute truth
* preservation instead than enlargement. and
* partnership instead than domination.

When one thinks systemically than one recognizes that you can non alter one thing in a system without it impacting everything else. One can non alter course of study from fact-based to conceptual-based without altering instruction and acquisition schemes and assessment processs ; one can non alter decision-making from district/regional-based to site-based without altering functions and relationships throughout the system.

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