Collapse of Silverado Savings & Loan (S&L)

4 April 2015
Analyzes firm’s fall, real estate deals, role of Neil Bush, regulators’ actions, overall savings & loan crisis.

The savings and loan crisis, with the many thrift failures and the federal bailout, has come in many ways to symbolize the 1980s as a decade of unbridled greed in which the moneyed few profited at the expense of the masses. Such sentiments greatly oversimplify the situation that the thrift industry faced as the 1980s came to a close, but the savings and loans which went out of business were characterized by corruption among figures at the highest levels, and included a bright array of politicians (Charles Keating, Lincoln Savings and five Senators who eventually resigned) as well as relatives of politicians (bad loans made to associates of Neil Bush, the president’s son, by a Texas savings and loan. This research examines the collapse of one savings and loan, Colorado-based Silverado, including the circumstances which led to..
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