College Accomplishments

Academics has always been a top priority in my family.

My father has pushed making good grades and studying hard since I was in kindergarten. As the years have progressed, the studying has become easier and have no problem taking tests. College has proved to be a completely different situation. Some of my classes are challenging, but know that must endure this to achieve a sense of satisfaction. On my journey of pursuing academic excellence, I know that must be prepared to work hard, study, and put forth my best effort.The next most important goal of mine is to obtain my degree. I am majoring in psychology, something have been interested in since was a small child.

Getting my associates degree would mean the world to me and signify to my family and I that all these years of hard work have paid off. The college has an excellent psychology program and I’m very interested, which definitely makes things easier on me. I’m still just as interested in psychology as I was years ago. Friends are an important part of the college atmosphere.My final goal is to et as many people as I can in hopes of having some life-long friends. Being surrounded by people with a common interest is one of the best feelings I’ve ever experienced. So far, I have met tons of people that seem highly interested in the college life and are very goal oriented.

This works for me because I am a very goal oriented person myself. I don’t expect much, but as one can tell, have very high hopes. Strive for greatness and reach for the stars. I feel that no dream is too big to make real if I try hard enough.

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