College Admissions

3 March 2019

I was at my aunt’s house eating dinner. People were sitting around enjoying their lasagna and talking about the last thing I wanted to hear: college.

“So Meaghan where do you want to go to school,” my Grandma said.

“What do you want to study,” my uncle said.

They looked completely baffled when I answered every question with an automatic ‘I don’t know.’

What I don’t understand is how I am supposed to know where I want to go to school and what I want to study; these choices dictate the way my life is going to end up. If I go study journalism at northwestern, then I suppose I have to be journalist. If I go into theater at DePaul then I guess I will probably become an out of work actress. These decisions are important ones, but I feel like I have no guidance.

Speaking of guidance, Concord High guidance counselors suck. I have been guided no where. My guidance counselor (who shall remain nameless, but based on my last name you could figure it out) has taken it upon herself to take numerous days off. Coincidentally these are the days when I am supposed to have my meetings about college. I can picture her at home in her gross house slippers watching Maury, wasting the time I need to plan out the rest of my life.

Another thing that ‘busts my chops’ is why do colleges put so much emphases on well roundedness. I get straight a’s, but somehow that’s not good enough because I don’t choose to hit a ball around everyday after school. Due to the fact that I am not athletic, I somehow am not appealing to college even though I could offer a lot to the classroom experience. I would like to offer a nice and well thought out ‘f*** you’ to all of the admissions boards at every college ever, due to the fact that they are stressing me out too much.

Colleges make it almost impossible to be personable through the SAT scores, number grades, and 500 word essays that are usually the cheesiest things ever written. Maybe they should come up with a better way of getting to know someone. And I am not suggesting an uptight interview where people don’t feel free to be themselves.

Finally, I simply wish that the rest of my life wasn’t so dependent on the choices I make in the near future. It is too much pressure. In fact, at this very moment I have a migraine just thinking about it.

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