College essay

3 March 2019

I ducked to the right and recovered with a spin-cross. Bam — I connected. He came at me with a
switch-spin back, but he missed. I earned the final point with a tornado-round kick to the side. The
judge said β€œtime!” My goal was finally achieved after ten years of sweat, bruises, and hours of practice.
I am now a second degree black belt in taekwondo.

I began practicing taekwondo at the age of seven. My goal when I began was to become a black
belt. As a taekwondo student I am motivated, dedicated, and on a quest to be my best, not only in my
taekwondo training but in everyday life as well.

I reached my original goal of becoming a black belt at age fourteen. I thought about quitting
taekwondo then, but instead I decided to set a new, higher goal, and push myself forward. Soon, I was
asked to become an instructor.

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I currently teach eight classes per week. I try to motivate and inspire my students to set and
attain their personal goals. Recently I took over the little dragons class, since the other instructors did
not want to work with the preschool children. I find the class to be especially challenging but also very

I earned my second degree black belt this year. This achievement has meant so much to me
because it has taught me to never give up in times of trouble. Instead, taekwondo has inspired me to
work harder not only in my taekwondo training but also in my academics.

This fall I will be competing in Nationals at the Disney Martial Arts Festival in three divisions.
Currently I am ranked second in the state of Wisconsin Kick Division in sparring and grappling. I
know I will have to put all of the practices that I have learned in taekwondo to good use to try to place
against two thousand competitors. I will do my best.

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