College Essay

3 March 2019

Why, hello there My name is Dayja and I’m a senior in high school. I am a young woman of seventeen years old, and hold strong interest in creative writing. However, besides writing I behold another admiration, a popular form of musical art entitled: Colorguard.

If you are unsure of what Colorguard is: it’s considered to be a musical art that uses flags, rifles, sabers, swing flags, contemporary modern dance, and props to express dynamic passages in different types of musical pieces. The Colorguard can also be seen on field shows pertaining to the visual representation of the Marching Band. I have been a part of the New Bedford High School Colorguard for about three years and a part of the middle School Colorguard for an additional three more years. Overall I have been spinning for six years now.
It’s hilarious when I envision back to my first year as a member of the High School Colorguard.

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Oh, what a mess I was! I would forget to bring basic material and forget my performing counts. It all hit me very fast. Surpassing the fact that I spun in middle school, but this was a whole entire different experience. You see, I now had new instructors and new members around me. That doesn’t sound so bad, right? Not really, but my instructors were the most advanced in the area, and the members around me all had about four-five years in experience above me. So the pace of learning was quite fast. I recall getting pointed out at numerous practices, at the time I just could not grasp it. Even though I struggled my ambition to learn over powered me. I wanted it- too be the best, too master the art.

The fight became real; I went home many times puffy eyed from crying and mascara lines tricked down my face. A couple of members in specific helped me pull through the experience. They constantly pushed me to try as well as my instructors. I knew that they saw the potential in me- the same as I saw myself.

When our first competition arose at Malden High School my nerves got the best of me. The performance was horrendous; my thoughts trace back to me walking on Malden field not remembering anything that I was supposed to do. It somehow all became a blur and I was basically walking around on a green field with my flag in hand; staring at those around me for guidance.

Every single practice after that day I pushed myself harder than I ever had in my whole entire life. Finals came on October. 31st 2010 by then I knew I was ready. I Walked on to the field and performed my heart out. I counted, smiled, made eye contact with the audience and caught all of my tosses. That day we won the Best Colorguard Award and I cried heavily tears of joy. My hard work finally paid off and it taught me a valuable lesson that I have used ever since: If you want something- go for it. Work harder than you ever would and I guarantee you will achieve your goal.

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