College Essay

11 November 2018

Ostendite illis viam, “Show Them the Way,” are the words engraved in my high school’s crest. To me, those words mean trying to always lead by example in all aspects of my life: on the basketball court, in the classroom, and in public. In a similar way, Vires, Artes, and Mores are a part of Florida State University’s history and have a special meaning to me.

Being a three-sport varsity athlete has given me the opportunity to push my body to its limits, physically. I take great pride in the challenge of outworking others, and in doing so, I show others what hard work looks like. The younger athletes in the school look to me to lead by example. Playing three varsity sports has also taught me about time management. Learning how to manage sports, perform at a high level, and complete schoolwork was originally difficult and sometimes hectic, but I have learned over time how to be successful on the playing field and in the classroom.

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To have physical and intellectual strength are both values of Vires.

Playing varsity basketball since I was a sophomore has built my character more than any other aspect in my life. In 2007, we had two great senior captains. These captains helped me better understand leadership, sacrifice, and hard work. Players that year cared about being a team and that was the main reason why we won the state tournament that year. The following year, for me as the only junior starting, a trip to the state tournament was again expected for our team. The senior leaders became selfish, lacked discipline, were self-focused, and consequently, it fragmented the players and the coaches. At the end of the 2008 season, we ended up with many disappointments. It was hard knowing we had not come close to reaching our potential, and our team ultimately lost in the sub-section finals. I am fortunate to have seen firsthand examples of leadership, hustle, and great teamwork, as well as having seen how self-focus and lack of work ethic can negatively impact a team and its overall performance. I realize how important teamwork is in everything that we do in life. Through the past years I have learned valuable leadership lessons. I am prepared to lead in a positive way this upcoming season as a senior. Building character shows my connection to the concept of Mores.
Building physical and intellectual strength as well as character are all values found within the philosophy at Florida State University. Overall, I have learned valuable leadership lessons and I lead by example every day. I can utilize these lessons on the basketball court, in college life, and in business opportunities I will have in the future. I have lived by the words of Ostendite illis viam for four years, and now the next chapter in my life has come. I need a new set of words to live by: Vires, Artes, and Mores.

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