College Essay

10 October 2018

“Who is ready to play some lasertag?”
Johnny’s party erupts.
As we walk to the briefing room, it becomes loud and out of the corner of my eye, I see a group of rowdy teenage boys. But Johnny’s party has no worries. Splitting teams can be a pain when you have different age levels. Johnny’s party was different. They had courage and knew they could take on 15 intimidating teenage boys.
Maybe I was wrong. Maybe the teenage boys will be nice to 10-year-old Johnny and his friends.
As the game starts, Johnny’s excitement shows and he becomes jittery. Everything looks picture perfect…for the moment. As I start walking around the arena, it is hard to find the little ones. The time passes and I can’t seem to find Johnny’s party. Panic fills my mind. I become tense.
I know I can’t panic otherwise it will make the kids panic if they see me.
Eventually, I find the teenage boys trapping the 10-year-old kids in a corner. They were being shot over and over again. You could see tears in their eyes. Bullying was clear here. The teenagers were selfish and ruining the experience in total.
Patience is what I needed to keep calm. Never being in this situation before, I thought I would freeze. But thankfully, that is not what I did. I kicked out all 15 teenage boys from the game. Not only did this cause chaos, but they also decided to call their friends to beat me up.
After the worst lasertag game imaginable. Johnny said he had an amazing birthday. He seemed to totally forget about the stint that happened during the game.
This ordeal showed how I can work well under pressure. In chaotic situations, I don’t think of myself, I instead focus on the job at hand. What I can control and respond with shows how I can do my job even with distractions. And this is who I am.

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