College Essay – Personal Narrative Approach

My heart pounds in my chest. My stomach full of nervous butterflies. I hear the crowd talking and names being cheered. I filter out those distractions. Now I need to focus. “Runners, to your marks!” My sweaty palms clamped tightly in fists.” Set!” The gun raises. My eyes follow the official’s every movement. BOOM! My heart leaps and I am off.

Track represents me; leadership, talent, comfort, family. Track was introduced to me with seventh grade cross country, arising in me a growing desire and ache for competition. My love of running developed over the following year and in my freshman year of high school, track and field was added to my repertoire. The diversity of races and field events further increased my exhilaration for the sport. A senior runner who I considered my mentor, led by example demonstrating determination, dedication, and leadership, that impacted my young soul. My obvious love of the sport and true dedication to improvement was acknowledged when I was chosen by my coaches to represent the team as their sophomore captain. I have been leading them ever since.

This honorable position of captain has strengthened my self confidence by building strong, candid, and respectful relationships with both my coaches and teammates. Holding the title of captain has forced me to develop better communication skills, while employing my gregarious personality, and experiencing the complexities of both assertiveness and humility. Leadership has bettered me in a multitude of ways.

Since sophomore year, I have worked my way through a diversity of races, each providing their own unique lessons and moments of joy. During junior year, my work ethic and self-drive resulted in breaking the school record in the 400 meter at one of the last, most competitive races of the season. My hard work and mental stamina paid off. The highs and lows of competition have constructed in me, a better person and athlete.

Both my parents were high school sprinters and I truly feel that I was born to sprint. My parents have supported me in every aspect of my life, regardless of their personal views, but track is an area which they both relate to and offer their assistance and knowledge. We share the enjoyment that track provides us all, while building an even stronger relationship.

I swing my arms higher and harder. My legs are burning, but stopping is not an option. I hear the echo of my name in the distance subdued by the panting of the runners beside me. My body has become numb and is virtually moving independently of me. I see the finish line. I hurl my body forward to seize a hard-working ambition. I feel comfortable within myself; within my element. Track is my life. Track is me.

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