College Essay to UW-Milwaukee

11 November 2018

Please tell us about the particular life experiences, talents, commitments, and/or interests you will bring to our campus that will enrich our community.

First day of practice, a nervous junior, I feel the glare of my senior teammates pressing onto the back of my head.

β€œHow did he make it?” one senior whispers to another.

β€œHe’s never going to play anyways,” another reluctant player says.

Coach tells us what to do. Starting next level training I had never done before. This follows for the next couple weeks, sitting the bench and watching, waiting. But tragedy strikes: the starting player, lands wrong and sprains his ankle.

My coach turns to me after carrying him to the bench. β€œYou’re in Daniel,” he says.

Heart pounding and hands shaking, I sub in. My first varsity game starts at match point. We are down 17-24. The serve, a shanked pass, and the game is lost. My first experience in a varsity sport was terrifying, but a relief to finally be off of the bench

As the weeks follow, I continue to play, progressing and learning. Games and practices become a daily routine: dress up, pasta parties, and having fun with the team. Even the seniors warmed up to me, seeing my potential to bring greatness to the team.

β€œI told you they would warm up to you! I’m so proud of you,” my mom tells me. She was a huge confidence booster for me.

After someone got hurt, I learned to step up my game. I lifted my head, pushed past the judgment, and showed everyone what it means to step up. Nothing can hold me back from trying, which is the spirit I will bring to UW-Milwaukee in fall 2014 as a new freshman.

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