College Question

4 April 2019

College Question

What does it mean to care, not just doing the right thing for yourself and others, but to actually care about something you hold so close to you that you would do anything to protect it from destruction? Is it worth it to those who would give their lives just to defend that? Can we really put this into words, or is it something not everyone feels yet understands. What would you say to the soldier who is willing to die to protect the freedom of people he doesn’t even know? What would you say to the athlete who just lost the state championship and will spend the rest of his life dreaming of that unreachable win? Does the same go for the Secret Service that are willing to take a bullet for a man they may not have voted for? There is nothing to be said to these people other than understanding what they feel their purpose is.

The thing I am the most passionate about is lacrosse. This sport has taught me more than anything else in my young life. It has given me hope, confidence, self esteem and even purpose to life. I have heard a lot of speeches in the short time I have been alive. Most of them are sport or athletically related. A few are political speeches and rallies, while others are just lectures having to do with academics. But the most remarkable is one I did not witness in real life, but one that came from an ordinary movie Any Given Sunday. In time of injury and incredible amounts of depression this speech helped me to move on when I thought it wasn’t an option any more. In this speech Al Pacino says a few words that really stuck with me. In his words he explains “As you get old in life things get taken from you, but that’s life. The thing is you don’t realize what you have until it is being taken away from you. Now, in a fight, we all know it’s the guy willing to die for that inch who is gonna get it. That the only reason I am still alive today is because I am willing to die for it because that’s what living is, the six inches in front of your face.”

For some to truly care means that they are willing to die for it, or at least sacrifice anything to get it back. I have been told that sports are the greatest class you can take to understand life. I fully believe this, because I would not be so serious about it if I didn’t. I also know that the ones who truly want it all are those who sacrifice the most. Not for the money, not for the glory, but for the team. The ones willing to sacrifice anything for what they have are the ones who will learn the most about the things you can’t read in books. Those are the ones who will make it. This is how I feel about my team, and sometimes I am prepared to sacrifice myself in order to protect my cage and bring glory to my brothers. I don’t think I can care any more than that.

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