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6 June 2017

Deer Hunting can be a good thing) Hunting has always been around, even as early as the Prehistoric Era. Men in these times had to hunt to provide food and warmth for their families. Throughout the years hunting has become looked upon negatively by many people in society. In all aspects; for example animal cruelty and gun control. Along with the many people who do not agree with hunting, there is also a great amount of people who think it is a good thing.

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In my opinion the three main reasons hunting can be looked at positively are it keeps the deer population down, can provide food for a family, and can be known as a sport to many people. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration there are approximately 1. 5 million deer related car accidents each year. Deer populations are already at an all time high, and the higher the population, the higher the deer related accident rate. This is where deer hunting comes into play, and can be a positive solution. Each hunter has a limited amount of ags they can fill, keeping hunting at a controlled limit.

It helps keep the hunting humane but at the same time keeps the population of deer down. In the end it is a positive outcome for everyone. Another positive outlook at hunting can also be the fact that hunting can be a source of food for a low income family. For low income families, hunting can be a cheaper way of providing food for their family. All they are required to do is buy tags and ammunition, doing this will guarantee them deer meat all year long. In turn this helps them to save money for other crucial things they may eed. Deer meat is also known to be leaner/healthier than any other meat you will buy from the store.

I believe hunting can only benefit these families in many ways. In todays day in age hunting isn’t Just something you do, for many people it’s a way of life. Hunting goes way beyond the boundaries of Just deer hunting and has become a sport in a lot of places around the world. It has become a competition, who can kill the biggest and the best. Each hunter purchases and receives up to 3 tags per person. Every deer that is killed is to be tagged in; this is so it is regulated how many eer each person is permitted to shoot each season.

Deer hunting can be away to keep someone active and in shape. Hunting has been around for years and I don’t ever see it going away. I believe it benefits people in every way of life. I believe the amount of people with the love for hunting continues to grow and will continue to grow. Of course there will always be those people who look at hunting negatively. My perspective on hunting will always be a good one because I believe hunting helps keep the deer population down, provide food for families, and can be known as a sport to many people.

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