12 December 2018

“Let’s Go Phantoms, Let’s Go” is what I was hearing as I was running down the field. It was second half and we were tied at 12-12. The game was getting rough and the referees were throwing cards against
both teams. It was about half way through the second half and Bayport-Blue Point was up 14-12. We all knew that we had to hold the ball and be confident. As I was running down the field the team by yelling and communicated on levels that I didn’t even know we had I heard from every direction “spread out, and move the ball” The final 30 seconds was running on the clock, my heart was beating fast, I was sweating and shaking. I took the chance to make my last and final cut towards the goal, I got a pass from my teammate and quick sticked it into the goal. At that moment I saw the ball hit the back of the net and at that same time the buzzer rang. We beat our rivals, Mt. Sinai, 15-12, to enter into the County Championship. It was the best feeling in the whole world.

When I was at the age of twelve all my friends played lacrosse and I quickly became interested in the sport as well. I played in middle school and got the honor to be captain, which is when I realized that lacrosse was my passion because I knew that I could be better each year that I would play. When I got to high school I had opened up a lot and made many friends. I entered the season knowing I wanted to bring everything I experienced from middle school to the high school and more. My freshman year I made Varsity. It was very nerve-racking but, with such a great group of girls to make me feel comfortable, I had the time of my life. I have grown up on the team and set one goal for myself as I traveled through each lacrosse season, beat Mt.Sinai, it has never happened before and having it is the first time to happen would be awesome. What each and every one of us felt inside of us was in describable. It gave us such an overwhelming feeling of joy. Knowing that my goal became a reality proves to me that I can accomplish anything I would like, just with that little bit of effort put towards that subject, or sport.

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Through out my years of growing up I was always academically challenged. I had been classified wince I was in elementary school. I had ALWAYS wanted to become declassified. It was something that I had struggled with emotionally knowing I was different than every other student. Every year I had been improving and focused my mind on something that I really wanted to achieve. Towards the end of the year my teachers and counselors sat to discuss my achievement and plan for the following year they came to a conclusion that I could be declassified. It is my senior year, and being declassified for my last year is a dream come true. I came to realize that with a little extra time and effort my chances at success are as good as those of any other. I live my everyday life now knowing that when I come to an obstacle or challenge, I can work my way through it with every effort I have in me.
I couldn’t explain my feeling at that moment when I was running off the field. I had never experienced something like that in my life. I consider my lacrosse team my family and we played that game with more confidence and heart than I had ever seen us have, I can honestly say that my coach had also been a major aspect to helping me to improve my game my junior year. He always knew the right thing to say to me and would push me harder then any other coach could. I soon found that lacrosse was my passion. The lacrosse field is where I let all my feelings and emotions out and also where I can be myself. My experiences during lacrosse have encouraged me to accomplish many other things in my near future!

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