Colley Essay

2 February 2019

I never thought working next to old, sweaty men would make me a better person. But it did. These blue-collar employees showed me hard work and dedication and the different aspects of being a well-rounded individual.
Being employed by a heating and cooling company, I was taught how to layout, fabricate, and install ductwork. After my fingers were covered in band-aids, I realized the job was not easy. I lacked the correct technique required to fabricate ductwork of the right dimensions, making the job difficult and costly.
Seeing my troubles, a coworker Jason said, “Take it easy. When I started here, I was just as bad. But, you’ll learn from your mistakes.” After he said this, I felt reassured and confident I would defeat this challenge.
He then demonstrated proper techniques by going over the plans, measuring the sheet iron, and bending the ductwork. As I started making ductwork the correct way, I felt a sense of accomplishment. We then repeated the process of making ductwork until I was able to perform the work independently. Jason’s patience and guidance allowed me to become a better employee.
People are going to be busy, but the individuals who stand out are the ones who take time to help others. Through working with old, sweaty men I have learned lessons of hard work and patience. I can apply hard work and patience to the different aspects of my life. Whether a kid is struggling to catch a ball or a classmate does not understand the latest lesson, I am confident my experiences will enable me to help them with the same patience and guidance others used to help me.

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