Collide With the Sky by Pierce the Veil

9 September 2019

Review of Collide With The Sky
Pierce the Veil’s new album Collide With the Sky is the newest hit in the genre of rock music! Working together with their producer Dan Korneff and their record labels Equal Vision Records and Fearless Records, Vic Fuentes (vocalist), Mike Fuentes (drummer), Jaime Preciado (bass) and Tony Perry (guitar), have reached the charts with songs like “King For A Day” and “Caraphernelia”.

This album is one of the best that has come out in a long time. It has the perfect mix of comforting lyrics, unique Mexican sounds from their backgrounds, and songs that make you want to sing your heart out. The album starts out with an instrumental track and leads right into Hell Above, a song that explains the effects concerts have on kids lives. Another song with great lyrics is “A Match into Water” where a scene in which a man who lost his girlfriend to suicide is begging for her back, saying it wasn’t her time yet. The album ends with “Hold on Till May” in which Vic Fuentes, the lead vocalist, sings about trying to talk a girl out of harming herself; the perfect end to a perfect album.

Collide With the Sky by Pierce the Veil Essay Example

Compared to their last album Selfish Machines Pierce the Veil has really out done themselves. Of course their first album was great, but Collide With the Sky just really blew me away.
The order of songs that the album goes in is even well thought out. The songs begin fairly heavy, the kind that make you want to sing and dance along with all of your friends. The album ends with slower, more soothing songs that make you feel cared for and loved.

The album art (as seen to the right) for Collide With the Sky is just as impressive as the album itself. The message that is trying to be depicted is to rise above the ground that is breaking under your feet. So when chaos comes into your life, do not let it destroy you.

I would definitely recommend this fantastic album, it is worth the money! It is not for everyone though, consider it is rock music. It takes an acquired taste to love this genre. These songs are aimed mainly towards teenagers who are going through rough patches in their lives. So, buying a teen who has been through a lot with rock music by my side, there’s never a second that I would not want to listen to Collide With the Sky.

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