Colonialism and Atlantic World

2 February 2018

The social and Economic transformations that occurred in the Atlantic world as a result of new contacts among Western Europe, Africa, and the Americas from 1492 to 1 750 increased and decreased populations of the Atlantic world due to the slave trade and flourishing economy. Also in the Americas, European colonists stopped mining for silver, and moved on to agriculture. Due to the new contacts within the Atlantic world, economies flourished as new crops and food spread around.

The sole reason for the spread of such goods was due to the triangular trade system and the slave trade systems, in which Europeans carried voyages over the three continents of Europe, Africa, and the Americas. As the Atlantic world came into contact with Europe, Africa, and the Americas, it was affected socially in many ways such as class separation in the Americas. As the European colonists wanted to maintain power in their colonies they were able to create new social groups.

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