Color Blind

9 September 2016

After my first meeting for training I noticed that I was the only student from a different school; also I was the only black student there. I wondered the entire ten weeks if anyone had noticed that I was the only black student in our group of sixty people. I was sure that they would have notice after spending so much time together during training. When we had our onsite orientation at the campsite I was pared with some of the volunteers I was close to. As we talked about the excitement of being at camp, they finally noticed that I was the only black volunteer.

I did not know why it took so long. I thought to myself that they did not really care or it was so obvious that no one really had to say anything. The volunteers said that it was obvious so it did not need to be expressed. At the beginning of the week at camp some volunteers did not recognize me. They mistook me as one of the campers even though we went through training for ten weeks with them. They should have recognized me. As the week went on they began to recognize me as a volunteer.

Color Blind Essay Example

I feel that they recognized me during training because I was the token black girl in the group, and then when the group of minorities that contained a lot of dark skinned kids came they had difficulty pointing me out. In the essay Helping and Hating the Homeless, the author, Peter Marin, explained how people assume that others are apart of a social group because of the way they look. He gave examples on how society think that all homeless people are the people that steal and are the bottom feeders of the neighborhoods; but in his eyes homeless people are the people who are force to live outside of society’s walls.

Homeless people are the rebels of this country whom refuse to live by the laws of any man to a certain extent. I felt that the volunteers that I worked with looked right pass me and assumed that I was a camper because of what they saw on the outside instead of really getting to know me. We talked about it after camp was over and they understood my position, and still today I am in contact with my coworkers. Work Cited Peter Marin. “Helping and Hating the Homeless. ” Beyound Borders. Ed. Randall Bass and Joy Young. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 2003. 167-179. Print

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