Color Me Badd

6 June 2019

Color Me Badd puts on a great show. I recently went to a Color Me Badd concert at Rocky Point Park in Warwick, Rhode Island. It was really great. If you love this funky-fresh, hip-hoppin’ vocal quartet as much as I do and even if you don’t, this is one concert you won’t want to miss. There was no one song that the crowd went wild about because they performed excellently well with every song they sang. From their on-the-way-hit song, “Roll the Dice” to their already hit, “I Wanna Sex You up,” the concert was so jam-packed with excitement. Their excellent dance moves, music band, and fabulous personalities added a lot to the complete knock-out concert. I urge any Color Me Badd fan or hip-hop fan to catch a concert if they come to your area. It’s one concert you won’t want to miss. n

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