Coloring Book by Chance the Rapper

“I’ve got my city doing front flips”. That is how Chance the Rapper starts one of his many great songs in his album “Coloring Book”. In this album he raps about how he has positively impacted his home city of Chicago. He recently donated 2 million dollars to Chicago public schools. He raps about how he is cleaning up the streets. In this essay, I will be reviewing his songs from Coloring Book. These songs are Angels, Blessings, and No problem.
*Starting with my favorite song in this album Angels. This song has a great melody and has an upbeat tone. He raps about he is giving back to his city and cleaning up the streets by donating to public schools. Which i really like because i have things like feed my starving children and other volunteer things that a teen ager can do. Some rap songs are meaningless without a story but this is not one of those. “I angles yea I got Angles”. This line is one of my favorite because he’s talking about how he is protected by the city and what they do for him he gives back. That’s why he donated 2 million dollars.

*Blessings is my second favorite song from this album. This song is not as upbeat and speed as Angels is. It’s a lot slower but i think it has a better message. He raps about how growing up he was given blessings. He started on the streets but he still made his way to the top.I would recommend this song to someone who needs a little motivation to get back up. He also raps about how his ex girlfriend got pregnant and how she became his everything.What i have learned from this song is even if I start as a nobody who is on the streets I can make my way up with hard work.

*The third song I will be reviewing is No Problem. This is a song that I would listen to before a game. It has an up beat tempo and the melody is very enticing . This song doesn’t have much of a point to it. It’s basically meant for playing during warmups. It’s also a very good song to jam out to while im doing homework.

In conclusion i love this album. I hope other people can appreciate it. There are many more songs in the album; i just reviewed my favorite. Those were Blessings, Angels, and No problem. They have great melodies and are not pointless rap songs. They have many different occasions when they would be goodto listen to. I highly recommend this album.

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