Colors by Between the Buried and Me

10 October 2019

Colors, the start of the epic sounds of Between the Buried and Me. The album that the band has considered to be New Wave Polka Grunge(ask them not me) would soon become my favorite album of all time. This album is also the start of longer compositions like Sun of Nothing, and White Walls. Much like the previous ones, this does have a single, that being Prequal to the Sequal, and much likw all the others, they are catchy or classics in certain ways. I know this is a concept album of sorts, but aside from the way they bleed into each other and how they all follow a demented carnivalistic music style, I don’t see much else.

If you can some how figure out how the stories in all tracks connect let me know in the comments below what you find. Every track on here is a masterpiece nonetheless and all would fit in my top 100, if I revised it that is. From the Foam Born tracks to the epic finale of White Walls. The album is set to be one gigantic song spaning at a whopping 64 minutes in length. Prequal To the Sequal talks about the formation and destruction of the planet. White Walls is about going crazy and trying to help others in that state. And Sun of Nothing is about a person building a spaceship to kill himself on the sun, yet he survives.

Colors by Between the Buried and Me Essay Example

I love how the boys of South Carolina are writing longer, more epic compositons as well because that is basicly what I live for. Ants of the Sky, Prequal to the Sequal, White Walls, Informal Gluttony, Foam Born, Viridian, and Sun of Nothing make up the track listing for the entire album(granted it’s not in order at all), as an epic display of awesome. Think what happened when you listened to Dark Side of The Moon or The Wall for the first time Pink Floyd fans. You will likely see the same thing here once you listen to this album for the first time. In fact, compare Dark Side of the Moon’s album cover to Colors’, it looks remarkably similar with the rainbow colors flying everywhere in both covers.

I beg of you to check out this album one way or another. It is the exact definition of “Musical Genius.” 10/10

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