Columbine High School Essay Sample

10 October 2017

April 20th. 1999. Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris attacked at Columbine High School killing 13 and wounding 24 guiltless people. Dylan and Eric had an inspiration ; they wanted to crush the figure of people that Timothy Mcveigh murdered in the Oklahoma City bombardment. After the Columbine slaughter. other shots and self-destructions were inspired by or connected to Columbine. Although it seems that the Columbine slaughter would merely hold negative effects on the universe. there are some positive effects. Many people that were touched by the slaughter or were even present during the slaughter have come out and talk to people all over the universe about their experiences. The Columbine calamity will ne’er be forgotten by non merely the citizens of Columbine. but by people all over the universe. This book perpetuates the fable that Eric and Dylan wanted to go forth buttocks.

β€œIn ten old ages after Columbine. more than 80 shots took topographic point in the United States.

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” ( Cullen 348 ) The Principal of Columbine High School. Mr. D. made himself available to every principal who made it through the shots to speak. Although these calls were difficult sometimes. nil compared to an electronic mail he got from a pupil that was obsessed with Columbine from North Carolina. The electronic mail said. β€œIn a few hours you will likely hear about a school hiting in North Carolina. I am responsible for it. I remember Columbine. It is clip the universe remembered it. I am sorry. Goodbye. ” ( Columbine 348 ) When Mr. D realized he got this electronic mail. it was excessively late. The pupil drove by his school while firing off eight shootings. injured two people and killed his male parent. School shot was a fright that was now expanded all throughout the universe. Another school hiting that was a existent oculus opener was at Virginia Tech by Seung-Hui Cho.

β€œSeung-Hui Cho killed 32 people. plus himself. and injured 17. ” ( Cullen 348 ) Cho didn’t seem to enjoy his slaughter like Eric and Dylan did. he had psychosis and didn’t even seem to cognize what he was making. This taw left a pronunciamento of his onslaught and he stated several times that truly admired Dylan and Eric and they were inspirations to him. In 2006. some childs were so inspired by Eric and Dylan that four school taws even made web sites and dressed in trench coats. ______ These are merely a few of the many Columbine inspired shots that took topographic point. After Columbine. the self-destruction rate went up for non merely the citizens of Columbine. but other topographic points around the universe excessively. Annie Marie Hochhalter. a pupil of Columbine. had a unsmooth clip after Columbine ended. Not merely was she confined to a wheelchair. but her female parent committed self-destruction.

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