Columbus de Las Casas

6 June 2017

Columbus realizes that he will have to bring back something of great value from his trip, and since there is no gold, he attempts to find solace within the spices and medicine found on the islands. 16. De Las Casas was a 16th century catholic priest who was against how Spaniards reated Indians and focuses on the atrocities his people have committed to the native population. 17. The Spanish would kill the Indians in droves, even children and pregnant women.

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They not only killed them, but afterwards they would cut them into pieces, and even placed bets on who could better cleave a head off, or spill entrails with pikes. 18. The Spanish would hang natives near the ground and burn them in groups of 13, alive, to give homage to give homage to god. They also wrapped individual Indians in straw and burned them alive in that manner as well. 19. The Sergeant shot off the Jaws of the natives so that they could not scream, and hen they would be thrown into a fire alive. native masters and to the Spanish Christians”.

Native Americans were incredibly giving and hospitable people because their culture had no definition of personal belongings. Everything was essentially communal for the Indians, and what the Spaniards thought about this notion of giving was that they were a higher power deserving of gifts, food, and entertainment. 21 . Dogs were needed to kill natives because many would try to flee, and so dogs were used to hunt them down. 22. The natives would commit suicides by eating poisonous cassava leaves in order o save themselves from the Spaniards, who had a technological advantage with weaponry and armor.

The Spanish would take prisoners, hang, and burn the natives when the natives tried to resist the intrusive Spaniards. In this manner 250,000 Indians in Haiti died. 23. Spaniards first started using natives to mine for gold to fulfill Columbus’s lies. All natives aged 14 or more would be required to bring back gold every three months, or else their hands would be chopped off. However, after gold was not found whatsoever, the only option for Columbus to keep his promise was to take natives as laves.

Encomieda was essentially a form of slavery that the Spaniards implemented where Indians would be worked literally to death. 24. A third of the natives who worked in mines would die after 6 or 8 months intense labor. In only 14 years, from 1494 to 1508, over 3 million people died from War, slavery, and working in the mines. 25. In the span of a three to four month period in Cuba, 7000 children died. Newborn babies would die from malnutrition since women were so overworked and famished that they produced no milk. Mothers even killed their babies to end their suffering by drowning.

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