Coming of Age in Mississippi by Ann Moody

4 April 2015
The following essay takes a brief look at Moody’s style of writing and themes in Coming of Age, a story about adolescent alienation and abuse.

This paper discusses the racial issues of adolescent alienation and abuse in Ann Moody’s, ‘Coming of Age in Mississippi’. The author discusses gender and role issues, the social setting and racial identity through her own experience revealing the painful, personal experiences of rejection or acceptance.

From the paper:

“Moody’s writing is a painful autobiography of the strains in the relations that she felt while growing up. The social setting was such that the blacks and whites had separate identities but while the whites had their self respect the blacks were still in the process of realizing what there role really was. This created a tension in the interactions between the two nations that was exacerbated by the racist issues that were prominent in their lives.

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Further, being black women she was first suppressed due to her gender and then her race. Thus, she shows that as a woman in a black society her role became even more dubious.”

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