Coming to America

9 September 2016

People sacrifice everything just to come to America and live a better life, but they still often struggle once they get here. In the article’s “America and I” by Anzia Yezierska and “Facing Poverty with the Rich Girl’s Habit” by Suki Kim, these two authors discuss their Hardships coming to America and how America treats them. Most immigrants have hard time to assimilate into an American culture, which I myself can relate to. Facing Poverty with the Rich Girl’s Habit” is about a young rich South Korean girl who immigrated to America at a young age and how her lifestyle has been changed. She came from rich family which didn’t bring a penny when she and her family flee to America after her father lost everything after bankruptcy. She had a tough time to assimilate into an American culture due to the language barrier and her Asian background. Her Life in America was completely different; she was living a decent life in Korea.

However the brutal thing for her was facing poverty after being wealthy, but she had no choice but to adjust accordingly. Her lifestyle has completely changed now she has to do her homework by herself with no help , she has to take public transportation to school instead of being driven by a chauffeur, she has to live in old house . “America and I” by Anzia Yezierska , talks about the Russian immigrant name Anzia who came to America with full of hope and ambition to get a job and live a American life , but disappointed after taking a taste of America.

Coming to America Essay Example

Anzia came to America to get a job and buy the things that she wasn’t able to afford before. Anzia first challenge was to learn English. She worked as servant and did her best to get her earnings. She didn’t even get what she earned after month of hard work; instead she was told that she should be happy for having a bed to sleep in and three meals a day. She came to this country to live better life but she got treated so poorly. These two articles are related to me in one way or another.

Both of these articles remind me of my past, when I first came to America with excitement and full of hope and the struggles that me and my family had to face in America just to make comfortable living and for the better future . Our lifestyle has been changed a lot after we came to America ,now my parents work long hour don’t even have enough time to spend time with their children and I have to do most of the stuff by myself that my mom used to prepare for me.

Just like Suki Kim, I was living decent life in my native country and i came to America with excitement, accomplish great things personally and full of hope to live even better life. I also struggled and had a tough time learning the American culture and the English language due to my own very different culture, but during this short period of time America taught me a lot; Fulfilling your dreams isn’t easy but letting them go shouldn’t be say either .

We all have positive and negative experience in America after coming from different country. We all come to America with full of hope and aspirations, but we don’t know, what we have to go through to live an American dream until we experience by ourselves. Most immigrants in America face struggle to live a better life because of the language barrier, culture and facing poverty. After experiencing and reading those by those authors, I think we have to face tough times and work really hard to achieve our dreams.

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