Coming to God

1 January 2019

Interacting with piers can result in good behaviors or bad. It depends on who you place yourself around and what kind of morals your friends have. The best way to make good friends is having things in common with people, and sharing the same types of characteristics that each of you have. One thing to remember about being with others is to be yourself and remember your morals.

I have had quite a few experiences of not agreeing with my friends, I think everyone has had that problem before. So the question is, what do you do? Well you can answer that in many different ways. It depends on what the argument topic is about. For example, when I was in ninth grade my friends and I had lots of different beliefs about lots of different things. I believed in Jesus Christ and that He died on the cross for our sins and saved us all from eternity in hell. Most of my friends agreed with me, except for one. Now this girl’s name is Zoey and she had been one of my best friends for a long time. It was somewhat hard to be her friend though because she did not believe in Jesus Christ. In the Bible it tells us to reach out to unbelievers and try and draw them closer to God by sharing the gospel with them, and that is what I tried to do. Zoey had been raised a lot different from me though, she had never gone to church, or read the Bible, whereas I had been to church and read the Bible my whole life. I understood where she was coming from by not wanting to have anything to do with God because it was a very new thing to her and it might be kind of scary at first, but I really did want her to come to Him so one day I invited her to go to a Wednesday night church with me. On Wednesday night my church has a youth program and a lot of teenagers went. It was a lot different from church because even though we sang and the pastor preached, it was not necessarily taken as serious as church on a Sunday morning because you were around all your friends. Zoey seemed to be kind of in an uncomfortable position at first, but once we all went in and started singing she started to feel more relaxed. My pastor prayed for us and started teaching. He knows that a lot of us bring new kids with us to the church so he always makes sure to say something about how Jesus died for us and rose again. Now to Zoey, that was all fake and did not seem believable to her, so she kind of shook her head and laughed. As soon as he got into the real message though I could see her starting to take an interest in what he was saying. The pastor usually only preaches on Wednesday nights because he is very good with kids and using words to get their attention where as a Sunday morning church pastor might just read straight from the Bible and might come off as a little boring. At the end of church Zoey asked if we could go again next week and of course I said yes. She was starting to believe which made me feel great. I felt as if I had done something right and now Zoey might become a Christian.

Coming to God Essay Example

It all shows that even though we had our differences at first, it was right of me not to give up and let our friendship go because now Zoey is still a good friend of mine, and she truly believes in God and all He has done for us. I always remember that life lesson anytime I go anywhere some one might not be a believer in Christ, because now I know that anyone can believe in Him. That is His power that he gives us to tell others about Him, and help save each other from sin.

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