Coming to Terms with America’s Changing Families

4 April 2015
The paper examines the question of what constitutes a nuclear family in today’s society.

This paper discusses much of the controversy surrounding definition what is a nuclear family. This paper examines whether or not the family as we know it, has disappeared. The paper looks at the affect that the changing role of women in society has had on the family. The paper also looks at some other factors that have contributed to the redefining of the family, including divorce and the rise of single-parent homes, the increased visibility of non-traditional families and the role that the media has played in this question.
`Why must working mothers shoulder all of the blame for the supposedly doom’s day outlook that the world is going bad? This begins to sound like stereotypical scape goating. The 1992 election was a perfect example of this type of unsupported biased opinion. Dan Quayle openly condemned the fall from traditional roles by Murphy Brown as setting a bad example for our youth.

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The subject of family values became one of the most heated debates of the campaign. Had Mr. Quayle actually read the statistics, he would have realized that marriage rate has gone up and down many times in the twentieth century and that we were not at low point when he made those condemning statements.`

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