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2 February 2019

I was nine years old when I went to Las Vegas for the first time. My parents took me to a Lance Burton Magic show where I was selected to go on stage and be part of a trick.

After the show my dad said to me, “that was worth every penny.” From that day forth, I was infatuated with entertaining people. I bought magic sets, learned tricks, and practiced each one to perfection. I filmed it all into a show and made my magical debut by showing the film to my family. While my magical career didn’t go much farther than that, my aspirations in the field of entertainment did.

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After my magic phase I got into comedy. I would create jokes and watch stand-up routines all day. I tested my jokes on close family and friends. The feeling of making someone laugh brought me to an elated disposition. After comedy I was enrolled in a musical theatre group outside of school. We performed two plays that year, Peter Pan, and The Wizard of Oz; I played Captain Hook and the Tin Man, respectively. I loved performing in front of larger audiences; I grew to not only love making people laugh, but also mesmerizing people, bringing them into a world of entertainment and making them feel the awe and surge of emotion that I did.

This newfound joy led me to harbor a new vision, one that embraced all my previous aspirations, film. By the time I was fifteen I was coming up with ideas and methodically thinking of plots and scenes that together, would evoke emotion. I researched so many films; is probably the most-visited site on my computer. Sometimes I would just sit and read movie trivia. Learning about film secrets and researching stories was how I entertained myself.

In the back of my mind I always knew that these activities were just hobbies, but I felt that, eventually, I would be able to apply aspects of these hobbies into something more meaningful. Last summer, I did, I was a camp counselor and I looked after a group of seven year-old boys. I had an amazing time. At camp there was always someone to entertain, someone to make laugh. I finally understood how I could take my hobbies and employ them into the real world.

Now, I ultimately seek to incorporate my hobbies in entertainment into the world of business; I see business as the epitome of social interaction and the main source of my entertainment. I have recently studied business to the same extent as I have entertainment. I have my sights steadfast on a career in the business field. Sure, trying to entertain people all the time is hard but I love entertainment and I love business, so why not do them both?

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