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9 September 2017

The narrative took gait in 1953. when the 2nd women’s release bit by bit arisen. However. some educational establishment in American. expecially Wellesley College. the most conservative college in the state. still doggedly performed the mission that male society endowed: to cultivate adult females with both moral unity and professional competency. When Katherine Watson. a first –year instructor from Oakland State. who ever sought truth beyond tradition. got a place in the Art History section in Wellesley College. contradiction between her feminist idea and pupils under the influence of male jingoism was stirring.

Most of pupils in Wellesley College were good educated with all right household background. They gave Katherine a cautiousness in the first category. In their head. the definition of success was to get married a good adult male and the function they born to make full was to be a good married woman. In this conservative state of affairs. Katherine tried to open her students’ head to make whatever they want. She encouraged her pupils to be themselves. to go professionals in field they loved. to better their economic hereafters.

It seemed that she used her art learning as a vehicle to set across her sentiment to the immature adult females that adult females were non born to go homemakers and female parents. Katherine wanted to do a difference and make more things in life instead than entirely follow the functions of married womans and female parents.

I can ne’er bury she showed her pupils carcase by Soutine 1925. and said. “There’s besides no text edition stating you what to think” . In those misss sentiment. the carcase can non be called art ; “there is something aggressive about it and erotic” . I asked myself. what is art? Can a conservative creative person go a successful creative person?

I can ne’er bury. in one scene of the film. she showed her pupils four newspaper ads. and asked what future bookmans would believe of the thought that adult females were born to be homemakers and female parents. From her tearful eyes. I can see outrage. perplexity. and weakness.

I can ne’er bury she introduced Van Gogh. who refused to conform his ideals to popular gustatory sensation. who refused to compromise his unity. to her backward-looking pupils. When Van Gogh alived. no 1 thought Sunflower was a art. but after his idioctonia. the Sunflower became world-famous. Katherine was merely like another Sunflower. who was resisted by standpatter. If she was non retentive plenty. she would be strangled.

There was no uncertainty that Katherine’s ways of learning were contrary to school’s managers. who believed steadfastly that Katherine should merely learn art alternatively of utilizing category to distribute her point of position. The conservative headmistress warned Katherine she would lose her occupation if she non alter herselve to suit in Wellesley. There were legion unreasonable treaties in Katherine new contract. including “you can learn merely the course of study as outlined by the section ; all lesson programs must be submitted at the beginning of every term for approve and alteration ; you shall non supply advocate beyond her ain topic for any pupil at any clip ; you will agreee to keep a stricty professional relationship with all members of the faculty” .

Katherine choosed to go forth finially. but her independent. creativity. adamancy. and loving bosom so made a difference. It was Katherine that helped pupils in Wellesley College agitate off the yoke of traditional Feudalism. I am happy to see that Betty marched toward her ain life courageously. and no thirster was in the charge of her female parent.

Katherine lelt Wellesley College with smiling. which was so warm that affected many people. including me.

Eight old ages ago. I have a good friend named Lucy. whose household ties ever made her somber. Her male parent had sweetheart ectad and hadly went place. When he return place. there must be a drastic war. Her hapless female parent ever grined and beared it. I had of all time asked Lucy’s female parent why she didn’t acquire a divorce. In fact. she could populate a happy life independently. She had a good occupation with high income and had no demand trusting on her hubby. She said she could bear any grudge every bit long as Lucy had a integrated famiy.

When I was immature. I regarded her as a great female parent for her jet of forfeit. However. when I grew up small by small. I realized that her forfeit was meaningless. It is no good to hold a place which exists in name merely. It brought to kids merely agony instead than felicity. Lucy was driven to terrible depressive unwellness and barely pass on with any one. expecially her female parent. It was Lucy’s mother’s forfeit and patience that ruin Lucy and herself felicity.

Last winter holiday. I visit Lucy and her female parent. Lucy had discontinued her surveies due to her depressive unwellness. although had of all time been a top pupil. Her female parent. who was of all time a beautiful adult females with professional competency. had lost occupation and became more decrepit than adult females in her group of age.

How can a female parent. who ever inhibit her desire to seek happy life. convey up a mentally wellness kid? How can a kid cultivited a healthy head educated by a imbalanced and painful female parent? How can a individual who non loves herself loves others? How can a adult females who dares non be herself becomes succeful?

In fact. the calamity is inevitable owing to Lucy’s Mother’s traditional idea. Womans are ne’er inferior compared with work forces. They are non appendage of work forces. although the narrative that Adam’s rib created Eve are still widely circulated. We have right to make what we want. to seek freedom. felicity. success. What we need is independent personality instead than blind patience.

I don’t average being a homemaker was bad than being a able adult females or celebrated adult females. I merely hope that whatever pick we had made. we are ever loyal to our head. instead than other thing forces us to do determination. Like Joan. although she eventually gave up endeavor and chosen household. can we state she was wrong or unsuccessful? Everyone has right to chossen their ain route. Populate our lives by our ain definition. and this is life.

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