Commercial Law: Assignment

7 July 2016

Individual Assignment Weightage 30% Submission Deadline TBA Word Limit 1200 to 1500 words Question 1 D advertised his car for sale for $40,000 in the newspapers. E saw the advertisement and went to D’s house with a cheque for $40,000. D refused to accept the cheque and E stated that he would sue D for breach of contract.

The next day, F inspected the car and later wrote to D enclosing a cheque for $40,000 saying that if he hears no more about it, he will assume the car to be his. G also inspected the car and was told by D that he would not sell for three days to another purchaser. One day later, H arrived with $38,000 cash and D accepted the money and allowed H to drive the car away. Advise D of his liabilities (if any). (20 marks) Question 2 a) A was a seaman on board a passenger cruise ship from Singapore to Hong Kong. During a stopover at Vietnam, two seamen were arrested for drug

Commercial Law: Assignment Essay Example

possession, and detained pending trial in Vietnam. The ship had to depart leaving the two seamen to face trial in Vietnam. The captain promised the crew that the wages of the detained seamen would be divided equally if they worked hard to bring the ship to its destination, Hong Kong. When the ship reached Hong Kong, the captain refused to honour his promise. Advise A if he can enforce the promise against the captain. (5 marks) b) Would your answer be different if 10 seamen had been arrested and detained? (5 marks)

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